The next day, we went on a snorkeling trip to Koh Rok.

Koh Rok - some of Thailand’s finest snorkeling spots are located off Lanta’s coast. Koh Rok, 47 km south of Lanta, is considered by most to be the pick of the bunch, though other people say they rate Koh Haa’s snorkelling even more highly. Koh Rok actually consists of two islands, Koh Rok Nai and Koh Rok Nok, both graced with powdery white sand beaches and with an extensive bed of coral in between.
This sheltered and shallow channel is an ideal habitat for reef fish, and the place swarms with innumerable shoals of them. Visibility is very good, and many interesting species of reef fish can be found in these waters. Many snorkellers are most amazed by the sheer numbers of fish here, which swirl and swarm around the swimmers.

The islands are too far from Phuket, Krabi or Phi Phi and only the tourists from Koh Lanta visit here for the day trips. Koh Rok is not like those commercialized islands around Phuket or Krabi where there are 1000s of tourists jostling for space at the same time.

Let the pictures speak for themselves:

Can there be a better place for push-ups?
The crowded beach!

Video of speed boat to Koh Rok and the island.

Later in the evening, we again landed up at the Saladan market for street-food dinner. Also witnessed the corrupt practices of the police who were collecting 'hafta' and enjoying free food from the stalls. It felt just like our home country!!

Few more food pics!
Finally found a cafe serving good Latte!
Another day, another place, another breakfast table!
Waiting to board the ferry to go back to Krabi.
The car and a/c is always on to beat the heat!
The tug-boat which helps the ferry to turn & align with the pier.
Dakar Competitor?


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