We did not have any hotel booking at Koh Lanta and the plan was to explore the island and look for a nice accommodation. We had our lunch and roamed around a bit checking out the resorts.

Bamboo Bay Beach (This is the last beach with accommodation on the island). There are 3 resorts/hotels here and the best one was full. The other two were not impressive though the view and the beach at this part of the island was mind-blowing!

The plan was to stay close to the sea at least for a day and we got a nice room in one of the resorts towards the southern end of the island.

The room
View from inside
View from inside

It was a nice experience staying so close to the sea!

Sunset with a 10 Stop ND Filter
The same sunset captured with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3
The room from outside

Night market for dinner. (This is at Saladan). The street food in Thailand is just amazing.

This is how crowded the beaches in Koh Lanta can get! LOL.
Breakfast table at the resort.
We were having lunch at a restaurant near Saladan Pier and this ferry arrived on the island. I guess this is the passenger ferry from Ao Nang in Krabi.

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